Our History

1997 to now

  1. Hannes Arbenz began his career at Helvetia Insurance. Following various positions at general agencies, senior management responsibility for France and at headquarters, he was appointed general agent for the cantons of Thurgau and Schaffhausen in Frauenfeld in 1990. Due to the liberalisation of the insurance market, he was no longer consistently able, as a bound general agent, to offer insurance solutions that were both in keeping with the demands of the market and in the best interests of the company. On January 1st 1997 Arbenz RISK SERVICE started its operational activities as an independent insurance broker. The head office is located in Frauenfeld.

  2. Since 1998 we are certified according to ISO 9001. To this day we ensure a high quality standard by continuous improvements and adaption of current standards.

  3. In 2000, the sole proprietorship Arbenz RISK SERVICE became the public limited company Arbenz + Partner AG, RISK SERVICE. At the same time, private customer business was outsourced to the newly created general partnership Arbenz, Hasler + Co. PRIVATE RISK SERVICE, a move that made it possible to meet the needs of distinct customer groups with comprehensive solutions. Our corporate customers come from all over Switzerland, and see us as their point of contact in all risk and insurance matters. Our independent status enables us to devise and implement optimal solutions, while our in-depth product expertise and constructive partnership with insurance companies guarantee excellent value for money. Our flexible team takes a dedicated approach to supporting companies in managing their risks.

  4. We have also been a member of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) since 2011, and have trained one of our members of staff to become an internal data protection officer.

  5. The firm started in the Witzig Bürocenter, where we were well-cared for, in an environment with other tenants and with infrastructure provided by E. Witzig AG. However, in 2012, increasing needs led us to move to larger premises at our current location in Messenriet. As the first tenant there, we were able to bring our ideas and wishes to bear in designing and partitioning the space.

  6. In 2015, we also moved the main office of Arbenz + Hasler to the Messenriet location. That made it possible for us to offer all services for all customer segments – from firms to advertising clients to individuals «hand in hand» with our affiliated firm from a single location.

  7. In 2016, we acquired the smaller brokerage firm Fibera AG in Tägerwilen. In the course of planning the succession, we had the chance to include these customers in our customer base and to continue taking care of them.

  8. On 1.01.2017, we had reason to celebrate: Arbenz + Partner had its 20th anniversary as a firm. We look forward to being able to serve our customers for many more years.

    Team image of anniversary trip

Data protection

Your data are well protected

Based on the revised Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, we trained one of our employees to become an internal data protection officer. In an independent approach, she monitors compliance with data protection regulations within the company from both an organisational and a technical perspective, ensuring that your data are even better protected at Arbenz + Partner AG.

Our references

From all economic sectors

Arbenz + Partner AG has a portfolio of over 400 corporate customers from all economic sectors. Many of our valued customers allow us to publish their names in a list of references.

For reasons of data protection and confidentiality, we do not mention them by name on our website.

We will however be happy to provide you with information about the list of references, or you can request it from our administration office.

Quality Policy

Arbenz + Partner follows a company policy which means a strong commitment to an excellent level of quality in all our services and perfomance. To achieve such quality levels, we have developped a quality management system in house according to ISO Standards which was implied by the company’s board of directors on May 25, 1998 and declared effective for  the whole company and all business units. Since its implementation, we have steadily maintained and complied with it. We check periodically its effectivity and constantly develop the company’s quality management system (latest ISO norm in accordance with international standard: 9001:2015). The board of directors is committed to undertake what lies within their responsibilities and possibilities to promote, support and stipulate the effectivity of our quality management system.

With regard to our partners, employees and clients, this means that 

  • We are constantly engaged to keep up a high quality of service, and to permanently improve the performance of our services
  • We constantly avail ourselves of our competence and experience to respond promptly and professionally to all our company’s stakeholders‘ needs and demands
  • We maintain a trustful and transparent communication